Stern-Pinball AC/DC Pro


  • inkl. Münzprüfer

Technische Daten

  • Breite: 71 cm
  • Höhe: 77,5 cm (ohne Beine & zusammengeklappt)
  • Tiefe: 137 cm
  • Gewicht: 125 kg
  • Unterhaltungsgerät

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Leasing / Miete
ab 114,53 € mtl.


1 Ramp Mounted Magnetic Diverter For Cannon Loading
High Definition Color Cabinet and Decal Artwork
Motorized Rotating Ball Cannon, Player Controlled
3 “Thunderstruck” Standup Targets w/ Super Bright Flash Lamps
4 “ROCK” Standup Targets (on right)
Lit Start/Fire Cannon Button w/ Laser Cut S/S Trim Plate
Back Panel Jukebox Song Selector w/ Flashing Red Horns
Posi-Lock Ball Ejector and Electric Top Gate
2 Molded Super Speed Ramps
T.N.T. Explosion Butyrates In Key Locations
2 High Powered Slingshots
3 Super Bright LED Jet Bumpers
1 “Greased Lightning” Spinning Target
Traditional Country-Specific Coin Door
8 Inch Cabinet Speaker with bold, enhanced sound quality
QR Codes
Molded “Hells Bell” Toy, Fixed, W/Standup Target
Fixed T.N.T. Detonator
Band Member Butyrate Display
5 AC/DC Standup Targets (on left)
3 T.N.T. Standup Targets (center)
Black ABS Lower Arch
Latch Lockdown Bar